One of our fun youth group games
What can I say about our group and what God is up to in Lexington?
Our students at First Alliance Church in Lexington, love the Lord and they love people. There is a real sense of family and togetherness in our youth group that is an overflow of the entire congregation.  If I had to put my finger on one thing that sets us a part as a youth group I would say that it is our love for one another. The youth do really well to just be together and they desire to be together. Something special happens when we get together as a group.  Most of the time they don’t care what we are doing, as long as it’s together.
God is doing some really cool things here in Lexington, NC. For starters, I see God using our young people to teach our even younger people. This body has done an awesome job prioritizing the discipleship and spiritual growth of God’s little children and that is showing up in our youth. Many of our middle school and high school students are involved in the children’s ministry and I sense the number of students serving in the children’s ministry will continue to increase.
Another cool thing God is up to in the midst of our youth is by bringing Samaria to us and allowing our youth to cross cultural ethnic lines. We have a great church basketball outreach that has added a variety of kids from different ethnic backgrounds.  Many of these kids have never encountered the love of Christ. Our students have done well to make the new students feel a part of the family. My prayer is that God keeps sending us more and more students who have yet to know Jesus as their Lord and savior.
It’s easy to brag on these kids but in all honesty, ALL GLORY GOES TO JESUS.  He is keeping the youth at first alliance in his perfect will and showering them with his infinite grace daily. I am thankful to be allowed to minister at such a wonderful place and I am excited to see what God has in store for us here in humble Lexington.
Jonathan Kyle Bahm